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Posted on EVANNEX on December 30, 2021, by Matt Pressman

Tesla’s stock price has displayed a significant degree of volatility throughout 2021. It’s no wonder — it feels like everything was volatile this year. An ever-changing political atmosphere, ongoing societal shifts, and a stubborn pandemic have been subject to winds of change. Meanwhile, the auto sector was at the mercy of a serious chip supply shortage.

That said, it appears Tesla has gotten most of its supply chain issues under control faster than most of its competition. Even though Tesla’s share price has bounced around a bit this year, according to Brian Sozzi at Yahoo Finance, “Tesla’s stock has a clear shot to more fertile grounds.”

Sozzi connected with Wedbush analyst Dan Ives to get his take on Tesla. According to Ives, “Demand for China is the linchpin. As capacity builds in Berlin and Austin [in 2022] that’s what I think sends Tesla’s stock to $1,400 as our base case. Our bull case is $1,800.”

Ives rates Tesla at Outperform and estimates 40% of Tesla’s deliveries in 2022 will be derived from the lucrative China market. In addition, Ives believes supply chain issues should abate in 2022. And, in the short term, Tesla could surprise the Street by delivering close to 1.5 million units by year-end.

According to Sozzi, “Tesla shares have come under pressure in December as CEO Elon Musk sells down his stake in the company to meet tax obligations. Musk has sold roughly 15.6 million shares for a shade over $16 billion, bringing him close to unloading 10% of his stake in the company as planned.” With Musk’s stock sale ending, Tesla shares could rise.

Another analyst, Deutsche Bank’s Emmanuel Rosner notes, “We continue to see large upside to 2022 consensus expectations… battery technology, capacity and especially cost will continue to accelerate the world’s shift to electric vehicles and extend Tesla’s lead considerably. It should also enable Tesla to keep expanding its operating margins, likely exceeding 20% over the next few years, representing very best-in-class performance.”


投稿:EVANNEX 2021年12月30日 マット・プレスマン氏


とはいえ、テスラはほとんどの競合他社よりも早く、サプライチェーンの問題の大半をコントロール下に置いたようだ。Yahoo FinanceのBrian Sozziによれば、Teslaの株価は今年になって少し跳ね返されたとはいえ、”Teslaの株価はより肥沃な土地に向かうことが明らかである “という。

SozziはWedbushのアナリスト、Dan Ivesと連絡を取り、Teslaについての彼の見解を聞いた。アイブスによれば、「中国向け需要が要です。ベルリンとオースティンで(2022年に)生産能力が増強されれば、それがテスラの株価を我々のベースケースとして1400ドルに引き上げるものだと思う。我々のブルケースは1,800ドルです。”


ソッツィ氏によると、「テスラ株は12月、イーロン・マスクCEOが納税義務を果たすために持ち株を売り崩したことで圧力を受けている。Muskはおよそ1560万株を160億円強で売却し、計画通り保有株式の10%を手放すところまで来ています。” マスク氏の株式売却が終了したことで、テスラ株は上昇する可能性があります。




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