Oracle spending ‘billions’ on Nvidia chips this year – Ellison

By Stephen Nellis

MENLO PARK, California (Reuters) – Oracle Corp is spending “billions” of dollars on chips from Nvidia Corp as it expands a cloud computing service targeting a new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) companies, Oracle founder and Chairman Larry Ellison said on Wednesday.

Oracle’s cloud division is working to gain ground against larger rivals such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Corp. To get an edge, Oracle has focused on building fast networks that can shuffle around the huge amount of data needed to create AI systems similar to ChatGPT.

Oracle is also buying huge numbers of graphics processing units (GPUs) designed to crunch that data for AI work.

Oracle is also spending “billions” of dollars on Nvidia chips but even more on central processor units (CPUs) from Ampere Computing, a chip startup it has invested in, and Advanced Micro Device Inc, Ellison said at an Ampere event.

“This year, Oracle will buy GPUs and CPUs from three companies,” Ellison said. “We will buy GPUs from Nvidia, and we’re buying billions of dollars of those. We will spend three times that on CPUs from Ampere and AMD. We still spend more money on conventional compute.”

Oracle said last month it had struck a deal with Cohere, an AI startup founded by ex-Google engineers, under which Cohere will offer its AI software running on supercomputers inside Oracle’s data centers with as many as 16,000 Nvidia chips each.

Other companies such as CoreWeave, which earlier this year raised a fresh $200 million of funding, are also targeting AI companies with cloud hardware that relies heavily on Nvidia chips.

(Reporting by Stephen Nellis in Menlo Park, California; Editing by Richard Chang)


カリフォルニア州メンロパーク(ロイター) – オラクル社は、人工知能(AI)企業の新潮流をターゲットにしたクラウド・コンピューティング・サービスを拡大するため、エヌビディア社のチップに「数十億ドル」を費やしていると、オラクル創業者で会長のラリー・エリソン氏が水曜日に語った。



オラクルはまた、Nvidiaのチップにも「数十億ドル」を費やしているが、同社が投資しているチップ新興企業Ampere ComputingとAdvanced Micro Device Inc.の中央演算処理装置(CPU)にはさらに多くの金額を費やしていると、エリソン氏はAmpereのイベントで述べた。




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