Elon Musk says Twitter is done with layoffs and ready to hire again

Purging nearly two-thirds of Twitter’s 7,500-person workforce in three weeks, Musk is now hiring again and encouraging employees to make referrals. He’s looking to hire engineers and sales roles, and is open to the idea of being “dual-headquartered” in California and Texas. He also aims to decentralize the technology stack by setting up engineering teams in Japan, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. In response to a question about employee compensation, Musk reiterated that employees will be given stock options in Twitter and be able to cash them out regularly. The current number of people with access to Twitter’s internal systems has fallen to just over 2,700.



After purging nearly two-thirds of Twitter’s 7,500-person workforce in three weeks, Elon Musk is hiring again.

During an all-hands meeting with Twitter employees today, Musk said that the company is done with layoffs and actively recruiting for roles in engineering and sales and that employees are encouraged to make referrals, according to two people who attended and a partial recording obtained by The Verge. His comments were made the same day that an unspecified wave of cuts hit Twitter’s sales department, which has lost almost all of its senior leadership since Musk took over.

Musk didn’t specify the kinds of engineering or sales roles Twitter was hiring for, and the company doesn’t currently have any open roles listed on its website. “In terms of critical hires, I would say people who are great at writing software are the highest priority,” he said during the meeting. The Verge reported last week that Twitter recruiters were already reaching out to engineers asking them to join “Twitter 2.0 — an Elon company.”

Monday’s all-hands meeting was the first time that Twitter’s employees heard from Musk since he required them all to opt into staying for his “extremely hardcore” cultural reset, which led to roughly 1,000 resignations last week. While fielding employee questions for about a half-hour from Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, Musk said there are “no plans” to move Twitter’s headquarters to Texas like he did with Tesla, but that it could make sense to be “dual-headquartered” in California and Texas.

“This is not a right-wing takeover of Twitter. It is a moderate-wing takeover of Twitter.”

“If we want to move the headquarters to Texas I think it would play into the idea that Twitter has gone from being left-wing to right-wing, which is not the case,” he told employees. “This is not a right-wing takeover of Twitter. It is a moderate-wing takeover of Twitter.”

Musk went on to say that, “to be the digital town square, we must represent people with a wide array of views even if we disagree with those views.” (He didn’t address his firings of dozens of employees for posting tweets and Slack messages criticizing him over the last couple of weeks.)

He acknowledged that his ongoing reorganization of the company will “have a lot of mistakes” but “stabilize over time.” In response to one employee question, he said that “significant portions of the technology stack need to be rebuilt from scratch,” and at another point in the meeting he suggested it would be a good idea to “somewhat decentralize[] things” by setting up engineering teams in Japan, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Twitter’s historically strong usage in Japan was specifically called out by Musk as what the company should aspire to “ideally in every country without exception.”

“It may seem as though Twitter is US-centric but if anything it’s Japan-centric,” he said. “There are roughly the same number of daily active users in Japan as there are in the US, despite the fact that Japan has one third of the population of the US.”

In response to a question about employee compensation, Musk reiterated that employees will be given stock options in Twitter and be able to cash them out regularly like at SpaceX, his other company that is also privately held. “The way things work at SpaceX to get liquidity is that every six months there’s a liquidity event where the company buys back shares and we also invite new investors to buy shares,” he said. “And we’ll be able to operate Twitter in the same way.”

Anyone entering Twitter now will work in a much smaller company than it was before Musk took over. While the exact number of departures under his watch is unclear, there were nearly 7,400 people with access to Twitter’s internal systems before he laid off about half the company. That number, which excludes the thousands of outside contractors Musk also cut, has since fallen to just over 2,700 people as of press time, according to two people who have seen the numbers.

The departures have included long-tenured engineers, some with more than a decade of experience at the company, as well as a growing list of corporate leaders. Twitter’s CEO, CFO, and chief legal officer were all removed on Musk’s first day. Twitter’s top advertising and content partnership leaders have either resigned or been fired. And multiple “critical” teams were completely gutted by the layoffs and resignations, according to current and former employees.

Twitter doesn’t have a press department to contact for comment.

What’s happening to Twitter?

On October 29th, Elon Musk officially took ownership of Twitter, and he’s already dissolved the board of directors and installed himself as CEO. But can he run a social network the way he runs SpaceX and Tesla?




The Vergeが入手した2人の関係者と一部の録音によると、マスク氏は今日、Twitterの従業員との全体会議で、同社はレイオフを終了し、エンジニアリングとセールスの役割を積極的に募集しており、従業員は紹介をするよう奨励されていると述べたという。同氏の発言は、マスク氏の就任以来、上級幹部がほぼ全員いなくなったTwitterの営業部門に不特定多数の削減が押し寄せたのと同じ日に行われた。

マスク氏は、Twitterが募集しているエンジニアや営業職の種類を明示しておらず、現在、同社のウェブサイトには募集中の職種は掲載されていない。”重要な採用に関しては、ソフトウェアを書くのが得意な人が最も優先度が高いと言えるでしょう “と、彼は会議の中で述べた。The Vergeは先週、Twitterのリクルーターがすでにエンジニアに “Twitter 2.0 – an Elon company “への参加を求める連絡を取っていると報じた。

月曜日の全社員会議は、先週およそ1,000人の辞職につながった彼の「極めてハードコア」な文化的リセットのために、Twitterの社員が全員残留を選ぶよう要求して以来、マスク氏から話を聞いた初めての機会だった。Twitterのサンフランシスコ本社から約30分間従業員の質問に答えながら, マスク氏は、彼がテスラで行ったようにTwitterの本社をテキサス州に移動する “計画はありません “と言いました, それは、カリフォルニア州とテキサス州の “デュアルヘッド “にすることは理にかなっているかもしれないと言いました.


“もし私たちが本社をテキサスに移したいなら、それはTwitterが左翼から右翼になったという考えに加担することになると思います、それは事実ではありません “と彼は従業員に言った。「これは、右翼によるTwitterの買収ではありません。Twitterの穏健派による買収です。”

Muskは続けて、”デジタルな町の広場であるためには、たとえその意見に反対であっても、様々な意見を持つ人々の代表でなければならない “と述べた。(彼は、ここ数週間の間に自分を批判するツイートやSlackメッセージを投稿した数十人の従業員を解雇したことについては触れなかった)。

彼は、現在進行中の会社の再編成が、”多くの間違いを犯す “が、”時間の経過とともに安定する “ことを認めている。ある社員の質問に対して、彼は「技術スタックのかなりの部分をゼロから作り直す必要がある」と述べ、会議の別の時点では、日本、インド、インドネシア、ブラジルにエンジニアリングチームを設立して「ある程度分散化[]」することが良いアイデアであることを示唆しました。

Twitterの日本での歴史的な利用率の高さを、マスク氏は特に “理想的には例外なくすべての国で “目指すべきものとして呼びかけました。