Koala’s March is a chocolate confectionery sold by Lotte in Japan since March 1984.
It is a hexagonal box containing about 20 cookies with a picture of a koala printed in caramel and filled with chocolate.
It is one of Lotte’s long-selling products, and is sold in 10 countries and regions besides Japan.


In 1984, the product was launched in Japan, which was experiencing a koala boom thanks to the gift of a koala from Australia.
It was later launched in the United States, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia.

The product was later sold in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and other countries.
In 1979, before the release of this product, Meiji Seika released a similar product with a panda design called Hello Panda (English version) in Japan.

As “March” is in the product name, there were initially 12 types with an image of a marching band (holding a musical instrument), but the number of other designs increased enormously, and as of February 2014, there are 500 types, including “March-kun” for boys and “Waltz-chan” for girls, as well as “Tomo Koala” . There are 500 kinds. Some of them have been made into series (figure skating, dieting, etc.).



This is the strawberry flavor of Koala’s March.
The child koala on the package is holding a strawberry in his hand, which is very cute.

The savory cookie is filled with sweet strawberry chocolate, and when you eat it, the strawberry aroma spreads.

Each candy has an illustration of a koala on it, which is fun to look at when you eat it.

I think this is a snack that will be appreciated by children and adults of all ages.